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World University Rankings 2015-2016

What universities are top rated for 2015-2016 that you can apply? This post will help you learn what these schools as well as important facts and statistics about them. Later, check out some tips to write your statement of purpose that will help you in applying to your dream university or you can just ask a reliable SoP writing service for help.
University Rankings

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Top Ranking Schools

  1. California Institute of Technology (USA)


  • 2,243 students
  • 6.9 students: staff ratio
  • 27% international students
  • 33:67 Female: male ratio


  • 95.2 overall
  • 97.8 industry income
  • 97.6 research
  • 95.6 teaching
  • 64.0 international outlook
  • 99.8 citations
  1. University of Oxford (UK)


  • 19, 919 students
  • 11.6 students to staff ratio
  • 34% international students
  • 46:54 female to male ratio


  • 94.2 overall
  • 86.5 teaching
  • 94.4 international outlook
  • 73.1 industry income
  • 98.9 research
  • 98.8 citations
  1. Stanford University (USA)


  • 15, 596 students
  • 7.8 students to staff ratio
  • 22% international students
  • 42:58 female to male ratio


  • 93.9 overall
  • 92.5 teaching
  • 63.3 industry income
  • 76.3 international outlook

Tips in Applying

Have enough time prior to the application deadlines to complete your application and supplemental information. Review the most important information about the school or college you are applying. If you are preparing the engineering statement of purpose you are welcome to ask our writers for help. You should understand that the school to choose has to do with the college interest essay or personal statement you will be writing. You should also research about how to write a good SoP and about the school to find out more about them so that you can write your essay in the best manner that you can. Also, you need to complete the application requirements on time.

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